Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What today's 75-year-old people listened to when they were young

Stephen Colbert joked last night about bars carding people to make sure they're old enough to have been vaccinated: "You don't look like your 75. Start humming your favorite Perry Como song!" But people who listened to Perry Como in their youth are not 75: Como's last Billboard number-one hit was "Round and Round" in 1957, when today's 75-year-olds were 11. In June 1967, when they were 21, Como's "Stop! And Think it Over" may have been #1 – but on the Easy Listening charts. Today's 75-year-olds would request other #1 songs from their younger days: Aretha Franklin, "Respect"; The Doors, "Light My Fire"; and The Beatles, "All You Need Is Love". (Andrew Shields, #111words, 16 March 2021)


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