Wednesday, March 03, 2021

"Muchos años después", I've begun learning Spanish and clumsily reading García Márquez and Borges

I've been learning Spanish since November, and recently I've had the pleasure of memorizing the first sentence of "Cien años de soledad", by Gabriel García Márquez – in Spanish, thirty-five years after I memorized it in English ("muchos años después"!). After a week of memorizing that, I've now begun working on memorizing the second sentence of the novel, and just now I looked up another one of my favorite texts ever, "Borges y yo", by Jorge Luis Borges, and read it out loud to myself, clumsily and with my memory of the English translation I first read forty years ago in high school as a guide in the back of my mind. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 3 March 2021)


File:Gabriel Garcia Marquez.jpgFile:Jorge Luis Borges.jpg

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