Thursday, August 17, 2023

Robert Lakatos, Raffaele Bossard, and Dominic Egli at the Bird’s Eye in Basel, 17 August 2023

From the first moments of tonight's concert at the Bird's Eye in Basel by Robert Lakatos (piano), Raffaele Bossard (bass), and Dominic Egli (drums), I could relax into the music and hear the musicians interacting with each other. One peak moment came late in the frist set at the end of Ray Evans and Jay Livingston's 1956 tune "Never Let Me Go", in a coda with cascades of sound from Lakatos, vigorous and ominous bowing from Bossard, and thundering mallet rolls from Egli. The first set then closed with a superb performance of Keith Jarrett's 1978 tune "Bop-Be", and the second set continued with more beautiful playing from the whole trio. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 17 August 2023)

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