Tuesday, February 28, 2023

“That kind of stuff”: Keith Jarrett playing one-handed piano and listening to old recordings (“I think I had more hands”) in his interview with Rick Beato

Starting at 10:27 in Rick Beato's recent YouTube interview with Keith Jarrett, Jarrett, who has been lame on his left side since he suffered two strokes in 2018, plays two minutes of riveting one-handed piano with his still healthy right hand. When he abruptly breaks off, he chuckles about what he can play: "That kind of stuff." After several other one-handed passages, Beato, starting at 31:25, plays a recording of a 1980s Jarrett solo-piano performance of Miles Davis's "Solar". The contrast between the young Jarrett's physicality and his slow movements today is extraordinarily moving, and at the end he jokes again about his younger self: "I think I had more hands." (Andrew Shields, #111words, 28 February 2023)


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