Monday, February 14, 2022

My Contemporary Poetry seminar in Spring Semester 2022

I've taught my seminar on Contemporary Poetry five times since fall 2016. I pick six recent books for discussion and spend two weeks on each one (with an introductory session and a final session, too). I try to pick three poets each from North America and the United Kingdom and Ireland, though I've also had several from other countries. I also have not repeated any poet yet. Next week, I'll start the sixth round of the course with the following books: Sumita Chakraborty, "Arrow"; Mary Jean Chan, "Flèche"; Natalie Diaz, "Postcolonial Love Poem"; Ilya Kaminsky, "Deaf Republic"; Rowan Ricardo Phillips, "Living Weapon"; and Vidyan Ravinthiran, "The Million-petalled Flower of Being Here". (Andrew Shields, #111words, 14 February 2022)

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