Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Reading one book of poetry every day for the month of August: The Sealey Challenge

Although I didn't use the hashtag, in August I participated in #TheSealeyChallenge to read one poetry book every day. Occasionally, I read them in one go, but mostly, I read them bit by bit over the course of the day. So I had the poets' voices hovering in my mind even when I wasn't reading, especially with books that focused on particular themes. One theme that came up several times was quite moving to me: caring for aging parents suffering from dementia. That theme bracketed the month, as both the first and last books I read touched on it: Jeffrey Harrison's "Between Lakes" to start and Seni Seneviratne's "Unknown Soldier" yesterday. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 1 September 2021)


My list:

20210831 Seni Seneviratne, Unknown Soldier

20210830 Matthew Paul, The Evening Entertainment

20210829 Ali Cobby Eckermann, Love dreaming & other poems

20210828 Vidyan Ravinthiran, The Million-petalled Flower of Being Here

20210827 Nuzhat Bukhari, Brilliant Corners

20210826 Sherko Bekas, tr. Choman Hardi, Butterfly Valley

20210825 Dunya Mikhail, In Her Feminine Sign

20210824 Nina Mingya Powles, Magnolia, 木蘭

20210823 Mary Jean Chan, Flèche

20210822 Roy McFarlane, The Healing Next Time

20210821 Osip Mandelstam, tr. Alistair Noon, Concert at a Railway Station

20210820 Simon Armitage, The Unaccompanied

20210819 Glyn Maxwell, How the Hell Are You

20210818 Alice Notley, Certain Magical Acts

20210817 Nina Bogin, Thousandfold

20210816 Mike Puican, Central Air

20210815 Claire Crowther, Solar Cruise

20210814 Alice Miller, Nowhere Nearer

20210813 Kayo Chingonyi, A Blood Condition

20210812 Natasha Trethewey, Thrall

20210811 Roger Robinson, A Portable Paradise

20210810 Aracelis Grimay, The Black Maria

20210809 Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heaven

20210808 Gerður Kristný, tr. Rory McTurk, Reykjavík Requiem

20210807 Giovanni Pascoli, tr. Geoffrey Brock, Last Dream

20210806 Joyelle McSweeney, Toxicon and Anarche

20210805 Michael Longley, The Candlelight Master

20210804 Sumita Chakraborty, Arrow

20210803 Bill Manhire, Wow

20210802 Cathy Park Hong, Engine Empire

20210801 Jeffrey Harrison, Between Lakes

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