Friday, May 18, 2007

Songs to listen to

Okay, here's my list of killer songs to listen to, again in alphabetical order (as with my songs to play list):

1. Down on the Corner, by Creedence Clearater Revival

Or when played by Blues Nettwork, a Basel blues band, with a tuba playing the bass line.

2. It's a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong

Especially at the end of the Madeline movie with Frances McDormand, when Madeline and her fellow pupils are running around overjoyed!

3. London Calling, by The Clash
4. Love Has Come To Town, by Talking Heads

What a bass line!

5. Loving Cup, by The Rolling Stones

But actually, it was Phish doing this one live that really blew my mind.

6. Morning Dew, by The Grateful Dead

Especially Terrapin Station - Drums - Space - Morning Dew in Ventura, July 22, 1984.

7. Mystery Achievement, by The Pretenders

Another brilliant bass line. Jack Sayers used to play this one brilliantly in various bands back in my Stanford days.

8. Spring and All, by Greg Brown

That's just my Greg song for today.

9. Visions of Johanna, by Bob Dylan

The Dylan song I love most at the moment, after the brilliant version in Zurich a few weeks ago.

10. Who Are You?, by Tom Waits

Or any other T. W. ballad.


SarahJane said...

We not only gave our kids the same names, we also have very similar musical tastes. i have to hear phish do Loving Cup, one of my favorite stones' songs (also on my ipod).

Andrew Shields said...

There's a live version of "Loving Cup" on "Live Phish 03," a concert from September 2000.