Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pessoa's hands

Pessoa's hands, as seen by
my friend Felix Christen's girlfriend Rea Köppel
on a recent visit to Lisbon.


Anonymous said...

Super photo ... Any other info on
the sculpture, and/or its sculptor,
or should I just look on Wikipedia?!

-- dhsh

Andrew Shields said...

A photo of the sculpture is on the Wikipedia page about Pessoa.

The sculpture (again WP) is by Lagoa Henriques.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great photo, good photographer! I can feel Pessoas melancholy somewhere, vibrating softly. Such hands writing such words...

Other words by ehm, what was the name? :-) (By the way, did Pessoa commit suicide or not? Anyway, he might have, as the sculpture might say:)
Against that time do I insconce me here / Within the knowledge of mine own desart, / And this my hand, against my selfe vpreare, / To guard the lawfull reasons on thy part, //
To leaue poore me, thou hast the strength of lawes, / Since why to loue, I can alledge no cause.

Andrew Shields said...

According to Wikipedia, Pessoa died of cirrhosis.