Thursday, November 10, 2022

My father is introduced by Toby Berger to Carl Sagan

In the late seventies, my father Paul Shields did research in information theory with Toby Berger at Cornell University, including a semester as a visiting scholar there. In honor of my late father's 89th birthday and of Toby, who died earlier this year, here's a story about them. One morning, my father went to see Toby in his office, and Toby introduced him to one of his Cornell colleagues: "Paul Shields, this is Carl Sagan; Carl Sagan, this is Paul Shields." My father said, "Nice to meet you", and Sagan responded, "Haven't your heard of me?" And my father – in a moment he treasured – said, "No, haven't you heard of me?" (Andrew Shields, #111words, 10 November 2022)

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