Sunday, June 26, 2022

Trump's "What do I have to lose" on 3 Janaury 2021 as an admission that he knew he had lost the 2020 Presidential election

In April 2020, I wrote about President Donald Trump saying "what do you have to lose?" in two contexts: addressing African-Americans in 2016 and discussing hydroxychloroquine early in the coronavirus pandemic. In both cases, he addressed people in what he saw as a bad situation. Recently, the January 6 Committee revealed his use of the same question with respect to himself in the meeting on 3 January 2021 at which he tried to make Jeffrey Clark Acting Attorney General: "What do I have to lose?" Given his earlier uses of the phrase, this is tantamount to an admission that he knew very well that he had lost the 2020 Presidential election. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 26 June 2022)


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