Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Fifth Daily Poem Project, Week Nine Call for Votes

[Update, April 29: I have extended the deadline for votes for week 9 until May 1.]


Here are the poems to vote for in the ninth week of the fifth Daily Poem Project (the poems on Poetry Daily from Monday, April 13, to Sunday, April 19):

April 19: Mary Baron, Summer mornings
April 18: Devin Johnston, Expecting
April 17: Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, Garden
April 16: R. T. Smith, Storm Warning
April 15: Louis Simpson, Ishi (vote only on the first poem)
April 14: Rita Dove, Prologue of the Rambling Sort (vote only on the first poem)
April 13: Lucia Perillo, A Pedantry (vote only on the first poem)

HOW TO VOTE: You can send your vote to me by email or as a comment on the blog. If you want to vote by commenting but do not want your vote to appear on the blog, you just have to say so in your comment (I moderate all comments on my blog). I will post comments as they come in. (If you want to vote anonymously on the blog, please sign your vote with some sort of pseudonym, so that I can keep track of the various anonymous voters more clearly.)

Please make a final decision and vote for only one poem (although it is always interesting to see people's lists).

Please VOTE BY FRIDAY, APRIL 24! But I will still accept votes as long as I have not posted the final results. (April 26 at the latest.)

The winner of week one was Sherod Santos, Film Noir.
The winner of week two was Edward Field, Cataract op.
The winner of week three was David Bottoms, A Chat with My Father.
The winner of week four was David Schloss, The Myth.
The co-winners of week five were Jason Gray, Letter to the Unconverted, and David Huerta, Before Saying Any of the Great Words (tr. Mark Schafer).
The winner of week six was Stacey Lynn Brown, Cradle Song II.
The winner of week seven was Jack Gilbert, Not Easily.
No winner has yet been announced for week eight (due to my problems with my home computer).


swiss said...

nope, i;ve looked at these a few times now but i can't bring myself to vote for any of them. abstention!

Unknown said...

My sweet Lucia Perillo. Yes!

Colin Will said...

Perillo up to the last line, so it's a vote for Rita Dove

Michael Listening said...

Rita Dove!

Katy Loebrich said...

I'm going to go with Garden. The one that, this week, made me say "I like that!" out loud.

I was torn between it, Prologue of the Rambling Sort, and A Pedantry.

Prologue was really fun & reminds me of the movie "Moulin Rouge," which I love, & which in turn reminds me of a lyric from the musical "Chess" -- " should be dreaming & scheming, too clever by half...."

Pedantry was really thought-provoking & I loved the line "plus the baby would have to be sedated." Hilarious. In the end, however, it was that line's awkward juxtaposition to the rest of the poem -- what made it stand out in the first place -- that made me opt against it.

Anonymous said...

R.T. Smith's 'Storm Warning' is IT for me this week ... with no questions or doubts at all!

-- dhsh

Donald Brown said...

I was going to abstain, after reading them and being largely indifferent. But I'll back Rita Dove because of the final stanza -- it's just that when she says "we'll leave out the boring parts," I wish she would!

Gabe said...

I'm nearly unable to vote for any of them, but I think I can manage some small measure of support for R.T. Smith.

Suz said...

I promised myself I would never abstain from voting, but I really want to this week because I don't want to imply I like any of these. But I will vote for "Ishi" because at least it is a little bit different and odd, even though the last stanza is sentimental.