Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fifth Daily Poem Project, Week Ten Call for Votes


Here are the poems to vote for in the tenth week of the fifth Daily Poem Project (the poems on Poetry Daily from Monday, April 20, to Sunday, April 26):

April 26: Andrew Hudgins, The Cow (vote only on the first poem)
April 25: Robert Dana, After the Storm
April 24: Ishai Barnoy, Twelve Movies
April 23: T. Zachary Cotler, Beautiful without Money
April 22: Ron Slate, Under the Pergola (vote only on the first poem)
April 21: Jim Powell, An Oracle Madrone (vote only on the first poem)
April 20: Arda Collins, Low

HOW TO VOTE: You can send your vote to me by email or as a comment on the blog. If you want to vote by commenting but do not want your vote to appear on the blog, you just have to say so in your comment (I moderate all comments on my blog). I will post comments as they come in. (If you want to vote anonymously on the blog, please sign your vote with some sort of pseudonym, so that I can keep track of the various anonymous voters more clearly.)

Please make a final decision and vote for only one poem (although it is always interesting to see people's lists).

Please VOTE BY SUNDAY, MAY 3! (Not Friday because I am late posting this call.)

But I will still accept votes as long as I have not posted the final results.

The winner of week one was Sherod Santos, Film Noir.
The winner of week two was Edward Field, Cataract op.
The winner of week three was David Bottoms, A Chat with My Father.
The winner of week four was David Schloss, The Myth.
The co-winners of week five were Jason Gray, Letter to the Unconverted, and David Huerta, Before Saying Any of the Great Words (tr. Mark Schafer).
The winner of week six was Stacey Lynn Brown, Cradle Song II.
The winner of week seven was Jack Gilbert, Not Easily.
The winner of week eight was Hester Knibbe, Lava and Sand (tr. Jacquelyn Pope).
A winner for week nine will be announced on Friday, May 1.


Anonymous said...

My vote goes to "The Cow" by Andrew Hudgins.

Gabe said...

I usually love Hudgins, but I don't care for his Lemony Snicket phase. Of the others, I found two compelling--Beautiful Without Money and Under the Pergola. Tough call, but I think I'll go with Under the Pergola.

Suz said...

Okay, I'll vote for Cotler, "Beautiful without money." Even though the ending disappointed me a bit, the power and skill of the first lines were compelling. I liked the Cow too.

Colin Will said...

More of the sort of poems I like this week. My vote goes to Dana: After the Storm.

Unknown said...

Andrew Hudgins, Sir!

Katy Loebrich said...

Barnoy - Twelve Movies

It was a tough call this week.

I really like Hudgins - The's like some sort of realist Dr. Seuss or something.

In third place for me this week is Collins - Low because I like the imagery, & it kinda reminds me of me.

Marion McCready said...

Hudgins' 'The Cow'.

RC said...


Donald Brown said...

ok, seeing the way this is going, judging by other comments, I'm prepared to be disappointed (yet again), but I'm going to vote for "Twelve Movies" -- for that middle section.

Anonymous said...

def cow

nom said...

the cow vs after the storm
the storm won.

Anonymous said...

Low, by Arda Collins, is my choice this week. (Glad to see a bit of agreement/overlap between my niece's choices and mine this time ... for a change :D))

-- dhsh