Saturday, February 07, 2009

Reading at Tchai Ovna, Glasgow, Feb. 6, 2009

I ended up reading at Tchai Ovna in Glasgow at the last minute last night. I was there to hear Eleanor Livingstone and someone else did not turn up, so I was a stand-in. I had my chapbook with me just in case, so I had something to read! My set list (all from my chapbook "Cabinet d'Amateur"):

Cabinet d'Amateur

Unfortunately, Eleanor and I had to run off to the train, so I had to leave right after my reading!


Marion McCready said...

I'm sad I can't make it to any of your readings while you're over here in Scotland, one of the downsides of being ferry-bound.

Rob said...

Andrew, great to have you over in Scotland, and thanks for the excellent reading on Sunday evening. Also, for the stimulating conversations, the beer etc. I am now in detox.

Andrew Shields said...

I'll post about the Grog reading sometime today or tomorrow, Rob!

Andrew Shields said...

Sorlil, I wish you could have made it. Perhaps Swiss and I should have come to visit you on Monday when we were driving all over the place!