Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fifth Daily Poem Project, Week One Results


The winner of the first week of my fifth Daily Poem Project is Sherod Santos's "Film Noir," which received 9 votes out of 36 cast.

In second place was Tomasz Rózycki's "Coral Bay" (tr. Mira Rosenthal), with eight votes, while Andrew Hudgins's "Walking a True Line" and T. Alan Broughton's "A Midnight Clear" tied for third with five votes.

Every poem received at least three votes!

For a while, I thought I would be the only person to vote for Hudgins's poem, but then suddenly it got several more votes.

We discussed Rózycki's poem in great detail in my Intensive Composition class on Wednesday, and I came to admire it more and more. One student reads Polish (her mother is from Poland), so she's trying to find the original Polish to see if this sonnet is rhymed in the original.

My thanks to everyone who voted. I'll be posting the call for votes for week two on Sunday morning.

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