Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reginald Shepherd

"I write because I would like to live forever."

Reginald Shepherd, "Why I Write"

Rest in peace, Reginald.


"A poem has never oppressed anyone ..." ("The Other's Other")

"But literature is one of the few areas of life in which I do not feel oppressed, in which I have experienced true freedom." ("The Other's Other")

"I have an intense desire to rescue these things that have touched me and place them somewhere for safekeeping, which is both impossible and utterly necessary." ("Why I Write")


Unknown said...

Excellent quotes, Andrew. What a terrible loss.

Mark Granier said...

First I heard of it Andrew, terrible news. Your quote from his 'Why I Write' post is apposite. I put something about him on my blog, Lightbox. May add to it if I can find more to say.