Friday, September 05, 2008

Crain on Palin

Caleb Crain has an excellent post on the "mythography," if you will, of Sarah Palin (and GWB, too).


Donald Brown said...

I think this goes a bit too far in the mythopoetics (stuff like this is what makes those "egghead" liberals miss with the general public), but the comparison to Bush is the part that, it seems to me, not enough commentators have made. In other words, you can't underestimate the American people, you can't say any of the bad things about Palin will undo her. W. lowered the bar so far down that, yes, virtually "anyone can be president." That ol' promise of democracy is also its curse: no one needs qualifications, one merely needs to "convince the voters." And after seeing what W. convinced them of, anything is possible. Anything.

Andrew Shields said...

If anyone can be Pres, I hope you'll throw your hat in the ring sometime!

On second thought, don't throw your hat in the ring. It's much too cool, that hat, and you don't want anyone to step on it.