Monday, September 01, 2008

McCain is a pain

May McCain go bowl
with Dukakis and Dole.

May he end up as pale
as Walter Mondale.

May he be as bored
as Gerald R. Ford.

(A few lines in response to my friend Don's post.)


Unknown said...

Good good good......

Kate Evans said...

I think he's a lush
like George W. Bush.

He's also a womanizer
like many Presidents prior.

Mark Granier said...

"It won't be smooth sailing
With Sarah Palin"

Just buckets of bailing

(though I hope she'll impale 'im)

Donald Brown said...

May his campaign go much hardah
Then the second run of Jimmy Cartah.

Worse even than VPs Quayle 'n'
Cheney is the GOP's Palin.

Andrew Shields said...

I love that Quayle'n / Palin rhyme because "quälen" in German means "to torment."