Friday, March 14, 2008

Tyrannosaurus Rex versus The Corduroy Kid

I finally got around to reading Simon Armitage's 2006 collection Tyrannosaurus Rex versus The Corduroy Kid (I had lots of time to read while recovering from pneumonia).

I was not surprised to be so pleased, as I generally enjoy Armitage's poems quite a bit. I'll just mention two here that I particulary liked: "Horses, M62" and this one:


You’re twelve. Thirteen at most.
You’re leaving the house by the back door.
There’s still time. You’ve promised
not to be long, not to go far.

One day you’ll learn the names of the trees.
You fork left under the ridge,
pick up the bridleway between two streams.
Here is Wool Clough. Here is Royd Edge.

The peak still lit by sun. But
evening. Evening overtakes you up the slope.
Dusk walks its fingers up the knuckles of your spine.
Turn on your heel. Back home

your child sleeps in her bed, too big for a cot.
Your wife makes and mends under the light.
You’re sorry. You thought
it was early. How did it get so late?

Below the poem, I wrote "and miles to go before I sleep." I highly recommend this collection.

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jill alexander essbaum said...

you know, i adore him, and i think this is really a smart collection-- in some ways a bit of a departure aesthetically for him.

im gonna try and come to basel tonite but its 4 am and i aint slept yet...