Monday, March 10, 2008

Garfield Minus Garfield

Thanks to Seth Abramson for the link to the truly brilliant Garfield Minus Garfield, in which an intrepid Photoshop editor removes Garfield from Garfield strips and produces something quite brilliant.


Anonymous said...


Some of the revised Garfield strips (February 27th & March 4th in particular) remind me of "other things" ...

The one with the ice cream cone is a "direct quote" from a very old riddle asked at the expense of any extremely uncoordinated kid or adult. I have forgotten just how the riddle was phrased "way back when" so I can't recite it for you here ... unfortunately, I guess :D))

The strip about doing-nothing-at-all fits right in with a discussion of BOREDOM that I heard recently on one of my favorite public radio programs, "To the Best Of Our Knowledge"
(aka TTBOOK). This weekly magazine-style radio show airs a wide-ranging assortment
of unusual and/or timely topics, engagingly presented by a team of producer/interview-
ers based in Madison, Wisconsin. Tapes of
the TTBOOK shows (including the one on
boredom) are archived at:

-- dhsh

SarahJane said...

very funny. thanks.