Monday, August 07, 2006

Kick Me

So last night Miles and Luisa were watching Swallows and Amazons. Miles was lolling about on the floor, and Luisa was sitting on one of their two small white chairs (which they usually sit on to watch their movies, right next to each other, soooo cute). Luisa was pestering Miles with her feet.

Andrew: Luisa, don't kick Miles. Kick me if you want to kick somebody!
Miles (standing up): I want to have somebody to kick, too!


mrjumbo said...

You have mentioned Swallows and Amazons before, as a favorite movie for the kids. A friend I trust gave me the book some time ago, because she knew I do some sailing from time to time. Have your children been exposed to the book yet, or just the movie?

Andrew Shields said...

Luisa has only seen the movie. Miles and I have read the first three Swallows and Amazons books: "Swallows and Amazons" itself, "Swallowdale," and "Peter Duck." We have ordered the next book, "Winter Holiday," but it has not arrived yet.