Sunday, August 20, 2006

David Foster Wallace on Roger Federer

David Foster Wallace, author of the novel Infinite Jest and other books that have gotten a lot of attention over the past few years, has just published an essay about Roger Federer in The New York Times. I recommend it; along with being a good description of Federer himself, it is an excellent analysis of the current situation in men's tennis.

(If you can't get to the article, sign up for free access to the NYT. If the article is more than a week old and hence in the archive, then you can access the archive if you subscribe to the NYT or to the International Herald Tribune. If you cannot get to the article otherwise, I did download it, so you can ask me to send it to you.)


? said...

thanks for the tip. i pdf'd it right away. did you also save the footnotes? :-)

did you know that you can subscribe to the sunday edition of the nyt @ bergli books? the whole thing, including the sunday magazine. it's just 20CHF per issue.

Andrew Shields said...

The footnotes refer to Mirka Vavrinec as "Federer’s Alice B. Toklas," which proves that only a writer could have written this, and not a tennis journalist!