Saturday, July 01, 2006

Daily Poem Project finalists

These are the 12 finalists in the Daily Poem Project:

1. A. E. Stallings, "Fragment"
2. Hayden Carruth, "Springtime, 1998"
3. Abraham Sutzkever, from Epitaphs
4. Terrance Hayes, "Woofer (When I Consider the African-American)"
5. C. K. Williams, "Thighs"
6. Ioanna Carlsen, "Forgiveness"
7. Ingeborg Bachmann, "I Step Outside Myself"
8. Rachel Hadas, "The Nosebleed"
9. Dick Allen, "On Tenterhooks"
10. John Balaban, "If Only"
11. William Wenthe, "Groucho and Tom"
12. Bill Zavatsky, "Monologue"

The in-class vote will take place on Tuesday, July 4, 2006. If you are not in the class but want to vote on which of these 12 poems is your favorite, I am also running a vote for people who are not in the class. Email me or send me your vote as a comment by Monday, July 3, 2006, and we will see if the members of the class agree with those who are not in the class!

Week 12
Week 11
Weeks 9 and 10
Weeks 7 and 8
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Week 1 (with explanation of project)


Anonymous said...

My favorites are:

Fragment, Groucho & Tom, and the last two segments of Forgiveness.

I haven't quite decided whether Fragment, or Groucho & Tom, is at the very top of my list ..... If I manage to make a firm choice between them before Tuesday morning, I will post another comment.

-- dhsh

Anonymous said...

dhsh here again ...

I've decided that *Monologue* is also very near the top of the list for me ... BUT I've also decided that *Fragment* is definitely my #1 choice among the weekly winners.

Anonymous said...

My Vote: "Groucho and Tom"

Suz said...

Hi Andrew,

I'm voting for "Fragment."

Anonymous said...

seems to be some sort of consensus building here, eh?

this 'outsider' (eavesdropper?) is eager to hear what the 'insiders' (that is, the class) have decided.

-- dhsh