Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cool acoustic blues downloads

A link at my cousin Katy and her husband Bruce's site sent me to this download page for country blues from North Carolina and environs. I've downloaded some of it and have enjoyed it all quite a bit. Highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...


I am SO glad you enjoyed that link to Music Maker. Bruce & I love John Dee Holeman. I want to buy at least his cd with the "Chapel Hill Boogie" on it, for the local connection as well as the fact that it's a fun song. Music Maker is a great organization, too. About a year ago we interviewed Cool John Ferguson & Tim Duffy on the show I direct at the local PBS station. They were there to talk about Music Maker, which raises money to help blues musicians in need. As you can imagine, they were very involved in Katrina relief.
Long story short, I'm glad you found something you liked, & how extra cool that it is something that helps others at the same time.
Love, Katy