Sunday, October 03, 2021

What to do with a dusty collection of CDs?

What with my iPhone and Spotify, it's been years since I've listened to music on CDs, so my CD collection has been gathering dust. I copied most of it to my hard drive for listening purposes, and I also put many of the CDs and booklets into file folders with holders designed for CDs. But now we're going to be moving in December, so I'm thinking about just getting rid of the physical collection entirely. The nice thing to do would be to give the CDs to people who still listen to them, but everybody I've asked actually has the same problem: they want to get rid of their CDs, too! (Andrew Shields, #111words, 3 October 2021)



Quarantine cleaning: What to do with all those old CDs collecting dust? |  Star Tribune
Old CDs gathering dust

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