Monday, January 05, 2009

Top 5 songs of 2008

Once I factor out the Grateful Dead tunes, here are my top five tracks from my charts for 2008:

Greg Brown, Canned Goods
World Saxophone Quartet, Hattie Wall
Miles Davis, Bitches Brew
Greg Brown, If I Had Known
Greg Brown, Cold and Dark and Wet

The next highest one that is not by one of those guys/bands is Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again," followed by Chris Smither's "Leave the Light On."

An old Deadhead who loves jazz and folk, that's me. :-)


mrjumbo said...

Canned Goods, yum. Definitely on my current rotation. Also Mobile. Also, for whatever reason, been playing Ripple lately. Two I wonder if you've had a chance to enjoy: David Stoddard, "Running Man"; Craig Carothers, "She Needs Me."

Andrew Shields said...

Just checkin' 'em out on MySpace. But the songs you mention aren't there.

Unknown said...

Right. I need some IT help: how do you get your iTunes track counts into You have that true knowledge, I'm sure...

Andrew Shields said...

To get your iTunes stuff counted on, go here: