Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dead people voting

This cartoon from the New Yorker in November made me wonder how many people who voted early were dead by Election Day. Shouldn't the Republicans have been up in arms about that? Did Obama's grandmother vote for him before she died the day before the election?


Some people are disappointed by Obama already, and he's not even in office yet! I'd rather be disappointed by Obama than surprised by McCain any day.


Anonymous said...

(Which cartoon? All I see is a little star twinkling.)
But yeah, I'd rather go with someone who at least, deep down inside him, seems to know what's right and wrong. Whether he manages to pull through his "changes" we have yet to see. And what he really has up his sleeve, let's face it, we don't know. He's too smart to tell us.
I actually think he may very well end up being the most hated president in recent years, simply because the expectations for change for the better are now so tremendously high while at the same time money has never been so tight. As opposed to Bush where money was there, people weren't expecting anything at all and he squandered many times that money on subsidising the upper class and on turning half the world into a theatre of war that hates the US.
If Obama can't keep up people's hope, all those first-time-ever voters he's mobilized this time might never ever return to the polling stations again.
And Obama seems to make a few quite poor choices as far as his staff is concerned. Why does he have to suggest clueless people for minister of education (or whatever you call that job)? How about getting some veteran teacher on that job? Preferably from the same private school he sends his daughters to...
But that being said, I'd still rather go with him than with McPain or that moose-hunting mum.

Andrew Shields said...

I was able to see the cartoon still. Here's the permalink: