Sunday, May 11, 2008

Even This; Eugene

Resonances between poems and songs are often intriguing, especially if I am pretty sure the poem and the song have never met outside my mind.

Here's a phrase from Reginald Shepherd's "Even This," from his book Fata Morgana:

... Keep walking
and the lake finds you,

That recalled Greg Brown's "Eugene," from his CD The Evening Call:

The dog is bound to find me sooner or later
Sometimes you got to not look too hard
Just let the dog find you


Both of these are available on-line, but instead of looking them up on-line, you should buy the collection and the album. They are both magnificent.


Donald Brown said...

I thought you were going to say: "instead of looking them up online, you should just let them find you."

Andrew Shields said...

Oh, now I wish I had said that! :-)