Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Fourth Daily Poem Project, Week 7 results


The winner of the seventh week of my fourth Daily Poem Project is "The Star Market," by Marie Howe, which received 4 votes out of 14 cast.

The vote was exceptionally close, with Kevin McFadden's "Is" receiving three votes and three other poems receiving two each. Many of those who posted comments on the call for votes post said that they found themselves choosing among several of the poems.

My thanks to everyone who voted. I'll be posting the call for votes for week eight in a few minutes.

Winner of week one: Alison Brackenbury's "Edward Thomas's daughter"
Winner of week two: Martha Zweig's "Overturn"
Winner of week three: B. T. Shaw's "We End, Like Galileo"
Winner of week four: Damian Walford Davies's "Plague"
Winner of week five: Mary Jo Salter's "Point of View"
Winner of week six: Bill Zavatsky's "Ode to the Maker of Odes"

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