Friday, September 21, 2007

Gold Mine Gutted

A friend of mine (guitarist in the Swiss band Mañana) gave me some stuff by Bright Eyes. Several tunes have caught my attention while I work and listen to the music in the background, the most recent one being "Gold Mine Gutted," with its wonderful opening lines:

It was Don Delillo, whiskey neat,
And a blinking midnight clock

For me, right now, it's Bright Eyes, Ardbeg neat, and a computer screen.


Donald Brown said...

The only Bright Eyes I know is the CD "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" which has some good stuff on it (including background vocals on a few by Emmylou Harris). The singer is nicely pissed-off on it a good deal of the time (2005).

What's Ardbeg?

Andrew Shields said...

I've just been listening to that CD, which is indeed quite good.

Ardbeg is a delicious Islay whiskey.