Monday, January 15, 2007

Orders of Infinity

Jacqueline Osherow's "Orders of Infinity" was on Poetry Daily yesterday. For a discussion of the particular concept of infinity she writes about, see the articles about infinity and aleph numbers on Wikipedia.


mrjumbo said...

I have to read everything too fast these days, but I just noticed this post and didn't want to bypass a subject that's intrigued me since I read Asimov on Numbers. So I took two minutes.

Then I saw she was writing about something else that can't be put down, and I kept reading.

Nicely interwoven. She gets it, about infinities. I don't think anybody gets it, about the other, but it's good to read. I wish I had time to go back and read the whole more slowly. But even for what I got from a quick glimpse, thanks for the link.

Andrew Shields said...

The infinity book that I remember reading as a young teen is "One, Two, Three, Infinity," which Amazon reminded me is by George Gamow. I'm sure I read an Asimov book on numbers, too, but I do not remember the title.

mrjumbo said...

I remember a borrowed paperback copy of "Asimov on Numbers," which had all kinds of intriguing articles considering how numbers behave. I thought it was pretty neat until I heard Karl, the father of an old friend of ours, refer to Asimov's writing as "mental masturbation."

I never got around to "Asimov on Deuteronomy."