Monday, January 15, 2007

Not a Museum

Miles got a huge Lego Star Wars set for his birthday, a Y-Wing Attack Starfighter. Since he finished building it, he has had it on the top of a bookshelf in his room. Today, he wanted to get it down, and I said it was not a good idea.

Andrew: It's not for playing with, it's decorative and just for looking at.

Miles: My room is not a museum!

A couple of minutes later, Luisa opened up Miles's closet full of games, and Andrea said: "Luisa, Miles's room is also not a supermarket!"


Katy Loebrich said...

There's a great episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that relates to this. Quark, the Ferengi barkeeper, goes home to his mother's house and while he is there he picks up some of his old things that she is still storing. Included are some action figures of high collectible value - except that Quark, as a boy, had taken them out of their boxes and played with them. His mother berates him for not knowing, with all his innate Ferengi money-shrewdness, that they would increase in value someday if he only kept them in mint condition.
I find this scene hilarious because it pokes fun at the core audience in such a great way. Star Trek (and Star Wars) items are *highly* collectible and collectors value them more if they're pristine.
This same topic is, of course, also addressed in Toy Story 2, wherein we learn the all-important lesson: "toys are for playing."
- Katy

Andrew Shields said...

How many people would like to know where their old baseball card collections are? But of course, if they all found their old collections, the value of each individual collection would drop considerably. :-)