Friday, June 12, 2020

"Brazenly and flagrantly violated the separation of powers": the 2020 Republican Party platform

The Donald Trump campaign and the Republican Party have no new platform for the 2020 presidential election campaign; instead, they are re-using the 2016 platform. Oddly, some of the language of that platform refers again and again to "the current Administration", as in this sentence that is quite ironic in 2020: "The current Administration has exceeded its constitutional authority, brazenly and flagrantly violated the separation of powers, sought to divide America into groups and turn citizen against citizen." Beyond the farce this makes of the platform, the Republican Party thus reveals that it has nothing more to offer to Americans than sustaining its own power and maintaining its cult of personality. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 12 June)

The quotation is on page 9 of the 2016 platform, which is available here.

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