Friday, July 29, 2016

Contract On America

An erasure of the 1994 "Contract with America".

Contract On America
We propose to restore the bonds of the people.
Evasion and posturing offer no fine print.
This year offers the chance of control,
the end of government with the public,
of values and faith. We act with God
to restore scandal and disgrace. The first day
will immediately aim at trust in laws;
conduct comprehensive fraud;
cut the number; limit chairs; ban votes
to the public; require an honest zero.
The first days bring out-of-control constraints,
anti-truth, effective death in neighborhoods,
and personal illegitimacy by prohibiting
mothers and denying responsibility.
Incentives for strengthening pornography
reinforce the central role of the dream of relief.
The act parts credibility around fairness;
the limit forces hikes for years.
Strengthening the mandate to create
the common loser, reasonable punitive laws
stem the endless tide of citizen savings
without the judgment of our fellow citizens.

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