Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sixth Daily Poem Project, Week Eight Call for Votes


Here are the poems to vote for in the eighth week of the sixth Daily Poem Project (the poems on Poetry Daily from Monday, April 19, to Sunday, April 25):

April 25: A Dozen Rainy-Day Couplets, by Killian O'Donnell
April 24: Montana Sky, by Don Welch (vote only on the first poem)
April 23: Beer, by Lee Upton
April 22: Pseudonarcissus, by Jeff Coughter
April 21: Summer without Summering, by Teresa Cader
April 20: The Golden Shovel, by Terrance Hayes
April 19: The Hammock Knot, by Keith Ratzlaff

HOW TO VOTE: You can send your vote to me by email or as a comment on the blog (or as a comment to my Facebook link to this call for votes). If you want to vote by commenting but do not want your vote to appear on the blog, you just have to say so in your comment (I moderate all comments on my blog). If you want to vote anonymously, that's okay, but please choose some sort of pseudonym so I can keep track of different votes by anonymous voters. I will post comments as they come in.

Please make a final decision and vote for only one poem (although it is always interesting to see people's lists).

Please VOTE BY SATURDAY, MAY 1! But I will still accept votes as long as I have not posted the final results (which I will do by Sunday, May 2, at the latest).

Feel free to pass on this call for votes to anyone who might be interested!

The winner of week one was Trick, by Sam Willetts.
The winner of week two was Ecclesiastes, by Khaled Mattawa.
The winner of week three was To a Jornalero Cleaning Out My Neighbor’s Garage, by Eduardo C. Corral.
The winner of week four was In the Men's Room at the Café Provence, by F. D. Reeve.
The winner of week five was The Bus Driver, by Hédi Kaddour, tr. Marilyn Hacker.
The winner of week six was Winter's Tale, by Maxine Kumin.
The winner of week seven was H1N1, by Robyn Schiff.


M said...

Montana Sky

Dominic Rivron said...

I'm with M: Montana Sky.

RC said...

The Golden Shovel

l_m said...

Summer without summering

Arnaud said...

I don't think I have choice here ;-)

Beer, by Lee Upton

swiss said...

ratzlaff for me

Katy Loebrich said...

Wouldn't you know it, just looking at the list so far, the one poem I said, "I do NOT like that one for sure" about, is leading. Ah well, that's what makes art Art - the subjectivity.

I vote for The Hammock Knot, just for the imagery - how I could envision myself reading there, on a warm fall day, looking more often at the sky than the book!

But it was tough, runners-up for me this week, in order: Summer without Summering (which reminds me of a poem I wrote years ago), Beer (which is funny because I hate beer in the real world), & A Dozen Rainy-Day Couplets, which I found to be cute & clever.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

i'm voting for terrance hayes.

Marion McCready said...

The Hammock Knot, for sure!

Andrew Shields said...

In class, we discussed "Montana Sky" and "Beer," neither of which was on my first shortlist, and I was very impressed by them when we looked at them closely.

My shortlist was "Summer without Summering" and "The Hammock Knot," and on re-reading them before voting I found irritating moments in both, so I'm going to go with "Montana Sky," for its precision and its suggestiveness (though I was about to go with "Beer," for its humor and the subtleties that its "light" subject conceal).