Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sixth Daily Poem Project, Week One Results


The winner of the first week of my sixth Daily Poem Project is "Trick," by Sam Willetts, which received 10 votes out of 32 cast.

In second place was "Landscape with Ignatz," by Monica Youn, with six votes, while "More Precisely," by Ander Monson, came in third with five votes. Every poem received at least two votes.

We discussed Youn's poem for a half an hour or so in my Intensive Composition class on Thursday, and I began to see a lot more in it than I had at first. I suspect that it is probably even more convincing in the context of Youn's book (which is called Ignatz).

My thanks to everyone who voted. I'll be posting the call for votes for week two on Sunday morning.

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Andrew Shields said...

Don Share shared this link to two more poems by Willetts: