Monday, February 15, 2010

True Art

What struck me when I saw this ad a few months ago was that the "true art of fine desserts" barely comes through when the Vermeer is there. I was so captivated by seeing the painting that I barely noticed the poster. The "true art" overwhelmed its use in the advertisement. The experience made me feel good about the power of something that is really "true" art: the real work cannot be put to use for purposes beyond itself. An optimistic view of art, but that was how I experienced this ad.


vankbrock said...

Excelllent observation, Andrew. Ironically, the true art work diminishes the items it is used to promote, and especially the word "Nestles" because it is used to block out part of the true are. There on the bakery shop, with nothing else at all, the enlarged print, with nothing said would have been a powerful ad. And that is always the hardest thing in making true art. Alas Thanks.

martine said...

thanks for sharing