Thursday, October 08, 2009

A riddle

Miles and I just wrote this riddle.


The first will bring you messages
from someone up above.

The second always finds a way
to make you fall in love.

The third's the only one of us
with but a single friend.

The fourth would like to start a war
that will never end.

The fifth killed number six
in order to be king,

while number six, his father,
has more than just one ring.

Number seven is as green
as number three is blue,

while number eight lives in the sea,
far away from you.

Nine's the devil, by the way,
and now we've nothing more to say.


Matt Merritt said...

I love riddles. I'm no good at them, but I love them!

hebegeebee said...

Hasn't the devil been kicked out of this club?

Colin Will said...

The ninth is now only a 'minor' devil.

Andrew Shields said...

A dwarf devil.