Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Philosopher and the Wolf

I'm reading The Philosopher and the Wolf, by Mark Rowlands. A truly exhilarating book, sort of a cross between J. M. Coetzee on animals and Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals. I'll probably say something more explicit about it later, but right now I am reading it with the Cartesian approach: read it first like a novel, then read it again and start really thinking about it. (For the full description of his reading method, see the end of my post from February about Descartes.)


swiss said...

once upon a time i went to tiree with a friend of mine and copies of rowlands tv and universe books. unbelievably, given the destination and the fact we were there for a windsurfing competition, there was no wind, so in lieu of that we drank several litres of vodka and had massive arguments around the contents of the books culminating in a sort of fight outside the van during which my frind hauled up hunks of grass, shoved them in my face shouting 'go on, go on, i dare you to dent that it exists!'

to this day we pity our poor fellow campers. it was good fun while it lasted tho even if we've since agreed that drinking and philosophy must never, ever be mixed again.

Andrew Shields said...

Given how much he talks about his alcohol consumption (now apparently under control), you related to his work in just the right way! :-)