Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fifth Daily Poem Project, Final Round Results


The winner of the final round of my fifth Daily Poem Project (see the call for votes here) is Cataract op, by Edward Field, which received 6 votes out of 29 cast.

David Bottoms, A Chat with My Father, came in second with 5 votes, with Jack Gilbert, Not Easily, in third place with 4 votes. Three poems (by Jason Gray, Hester Knibbe, and Andrew Hudgins) received 3 votes each.

I would like to thank everyone who participated, especially those of you who took the time to vote almost every week!

The winners of the first four Daily Poem Projects:

1DPP: "The Shout," by Simon Armitage
2DPP: "Fragment," by A. E. Stallings.
3DPP: "Inside the Maze (II, III, and IV)", by Hadara Bar-Nadav (blog vote)
3DPP: "Friends", by Laure-Anne Bosselaar (class vote)
4DPP: "Come to Me, His Blood," by Martha Rhodes


Jason Gray said...

Didn't I get 7 votes?

Thanks for including my poem in your little poll, and thanks to those who voted! This was fun to stumble upon.

Marion McCready said...

My screen's been freezing up on your page so unfortunately I couldn't vote in the last few rounds. Seems to have fixed itself now!

loranneke said...

I'm delighted to be the "class vote" -- you made my week! Best to all (especially those who voted for me! ) and have a great summer...

Andrew Shields said...

It's okay, Sorlil, next time!