Friday, January 04, 2008


My poem "River" is on-line in the latest issue of Hobble Creek Review. Be sure to check out the table of contents and read lots of the poems!

If you really love one of your older poems even though nobody wants to publish it, keep sending it out. If you believe in it, somebody else will eventually! I wrote "River" in the fall of 1995, and I must have submitted it at least 25 or 30 times in the intervening years! Thanks, Justin, for finally giving this poem a home.

It was one of the first poems I wrote after moving to Basel. The Saar, the river in Saarbrücken, where I lived before, is a nice river, but nowhere near as impressive as the Rhine in Basel. I used to walk along it often to go to work (back when I had time to do things like walk to work), and the poem grew from those walks.


Anonymous said...

Good for you -- nice piece! I hear you on the persistence thing! Best, Nic

swiss said...

did you just neglect to mention that 'second volume of translations'! lol
good to seemore of your work placed tho. me, i'm far too lazy for such persistence

Andrew Shields said...

I will post something on my blog about the translation volume as soon as I receive copies from the publisher.

SarahJane said...

That's great, Andrew. Congrats - I like Hobble Creek.