Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nadia Leonti

Nadia Leonti will be playing with her new band on January 12 at the Kaserne in Basel. Featuring Stefan Strittmatter of Arf, one of the best guitarists I know—but on bass!

Nadia has written two songs using texts of mine: "Eye of the Nightmare" and "He Who Hesitates." So, barring illness (or illness in my family), I'll be there.

Those who know the Basel music scene know Nadia from Shilf and Popmonster, two excellent bands.

Check out the super graphics of the flyer!


swiss said...

pop tunes from your stuff. very cool! bragging rights to you sir!

Andrew Shields said...

Originally, I was going to write some lyrics specifically for Nadia, but then she took the two poems and did things with them instead. Great fun to see how she reworked them and edited them.

swiss said...

on that front you might want to keep an eye for a thing called ballads of the book out on chemikal underground records where various scottish writers, including edwin morgan, have their stuff put to music. i rather like it. if you can't get and you're interested let me know and i'll send you a copy

Andrew Shields said...

Thanks for the tip. I should be able to get it here in Basel.