Friday, October 05, 2007


Today, in a new experience for me, my mailbox contained not one but two journals that contain poems of mine.

The latest issue (number 27) of "The Reader" contains two of my poems, "Wind" and "September." Nice company: for example, R. S. Thomas and Tom Paulin. "Wind" is on-line as a song I recorded back around 2000.

The latest issue (number 141, Summer 2007) of "Orbis" (the only literary magazine without a website?) contains my poem "Go Ogle" (and the issue even, honor of honors, has my name on the cover!). The poem has already been commented on as "a take on obituaries which is very funny in places"; the commenter (Tony Williams) has two poems in the issue as well. There's also a review of John Ash's latest by Rob Mackenzie.

If anyone who reads the issue of "Orbis" and my poem wants to tell me what they think the poem is about (as I was delighted to hear that it is "a take on obituaries"), I'd love to hear your ideas. I wonder what people might make of it.

I also recently had a poem in "Cadenza" (issue 17): "Fever," which can also be heard at the link for "Wind" above. If you get a look at the issue, don't look in the poetry section for my poem, which is well hidden.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! That is quite a wonderful day's mail. And there is indeed something very gratifying about having one's name on the cover.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. That's a pretty good day at the mail box!

All the best,

Greg Rappleye

Andrew Shields said...

Thanks, Karin; thanks, Greg. Hope you each have a good day at the mailbox next week. :-)

Tony Williams said...

Now I'm losing confidence in my reading. I enjoyed the poem, anyway.

Andrew Shields said...

Tony, I should have made clearer not only that I enjoyed your suggestion that the poem was about obituaries but also that is a completely legitimate reading of the poem, most of whose inhabitants are, after all, dead.