Friday, April 27, 2007

DPP4 results

This morning, the class voted on the poems. The vote was both close and a runaway, as two poems had five votes each:

22. Mike Dockins, "Poem of Low Latitudes"
24. Janice N. Harrington, "Shaking the Grass"

In the class, no other poem received more than two votes.

The blog voters (16 votes this time, counting mine; thanks, everyone) produced an entirely different result, with Dockins receiving 0 votes and Harrington 2. Again, 5 votes for the winner:

28. Allen Grossman, "A Gust of Wind"

And 4 for the poem in second place:

26. Jeffrey Franklin, "Drucker's Mule Barn"

Last night, Franklin had received 4 votes, and Grossman 3, but when I checked my email this morning, two more votes had come in for Grossman.

My short list had been Franklin, Grossman, and David Harsent's "Spatchcock" (poem 23). I waited several days to see which poem would convince me to vote for it; after a while, I got tired of Harsent's weirdness, and when I went to choose between Franklin and Grossman, Franklin's mules threatened to kick me, so I voted for his poem:

That's why when someone I don't know
and don't want to know rings my phone
I sometimes pick it up and say, "Drucker's
Mule Barn."

Or as I always wanted to say on the phone: "Fenway Park, second base." (Hey, how do you like them Sox?)

I'll be posting a call for votes for week five on Sunday (Dylan in Zurich on Sunday evening!); in the meantime, of course, you can already read the poems on Poetry Daily (the poems from April 23 to April 29).

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