Friday, February 09, 2007

trilingual pun

Miles asked how cheese is made, and Andrea told him about a cheesemaker in the Emmental where one can go watch cheese being made.

I then said, "I'd like to finally go to the Papillorama."

So Luisa said, "And I go to Kinderkrippe."


To understand why we laughed so hard, you have to say "papillorama" in French: "Poppy-o-rama." You also need to know that "Poppy" (spelled "Papi") is Basel German for "Daddy." Luisa and Miles call me "Daddy," but when others speak Basel German to them, the children hear "Dein Papi" all the time.

So Luisa heard "Papi-o-rama" and thought that was where fathers go, so she goes to her day care (Kinderkrippe).


The sequence was only possible because I misunderstood the name of the butterfly garden in Kerzens, which is actually "Papiliorama." But it is true that we have been talking about going there for years.


SarahJane said...

you won't believe this.... it's a bit freaky .... i have two kids, too, named miles and luisa. if i was first you owe me. smile

SarahJane said...

hello again - the link to your website appears to be on the fritz, so I couldn't retrieve your email address. mine is sjsloat (at) yahoo (dot) com. cheers