Sunday, December 10, 2006

Human Shields, 20061122, Parterre, Basel

Photos by renew. Thanks, man!


Donald Brown said...

I REALLY dig the hat!

Lovely ladies in their silk and lace
And when you're there it seems
Like such a lovely place
But when you leave there
You got your hat down over your face,
Yeah, yeah
--Greg Allman

He's much older now
with hat on, drinking wine
--Van Morrison

Andrew Shields said...

The black-and-white photos downplay the tie-dye T, so you can really see that!

If I were going to have a group to do Greg Brown covers, I would call it "same damn hat" (a reference to Greg's great line about his father in the introduction to "Billy from the Hills" on his CD "The Live One").

Donald Brown said...

I'm never gonna do it without the Fez on, oh no.
--Steely Dan

Andrew Shields said...

I followed Randy Newman's instructions.

Ben J. Min said...

Did it sound as cool as it looked? Congratulations! When can we see this on DVD?

Andrew Shields said...

We did record it on audio, but the mix is no good (and it's a live, 2-track thing, so no rescuing it without major technological intervention). No video, sorry! Maybe next time.