Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Paint my love a morning sky

In another entry from the category of misheard lyrics, there are these lines from "Touch of Grey":

Must be getting early
Clocks are running late
Paint by number morning sky
Looks so phony

Until I had occasion to look them up a few minutes ago, I thought the second line was "paint my love a morning sky." Which is a beautiful line, actually, just not what Robert Hunter wrote!


Donald Brown said...

so I guess in your version "these lines are all individuals" otherwise your lovely "paint my love a morning sky" followed by "looks so phoney" would have to be one of the greatest deflations ever! It HAS to be "paint by number sky" to look phoney...


Unknown said...

You know, I thought exactly the same. "Paint my love a morning sky" sounded and still sounds to me even better than an original version of the song.