Sunday, June 11, 2006

Three things Luisa said yesterday


She was napping in the afternoon. It was getting late, so I went to open her door, so that she could begin waking up. Apparently, she was already awake; she stood up in her crib and smiled at me. "Did you have a nice nap, Luisa?" I said.

"Grrreat," she said with a huge grin. (There were at least three Rs in the word. Americans would have thought she was doing a baby imitation of Tony the Tiger—someone she has never seen!)


Then I offered her a snack. She wanted some of the delicious grapes we have been eating for the past few days.

I had been folding laundry while watching England and Paraguay in the World Cup. It was halftime when I went to check on her, and it was still halftime when she began eating her grapes. During halftime, I was watching the French Open women's final. At four o'clock, things were getting exciting near the end of the first set, but I still zapped back to the football to see if it had started yet, then zapped back to set point.

Having seen that bit of soccer, Luisa turned to me and asked, "Is Basel?"

(She must associate soccer with Miles's question when there is a bit of "footie" on TV: "Is that Basel?")


A little while water, I was holding baby Sara, and Luisa clambered up on the couch and wanted to hold Sara herself. After a minute or so of holding the baby and stroking her head, Luisa gently pushed Sara toward me and said, "All done Sara."

(Which is what she says when she is done eating anything.)

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Ruth B. Shields said...

"All done" was one of the signs that Daniel learned from the sign language teacher sent to Sara's house to help when he hadn't started speaking yet.