Monday, September 03, 2007

Diary of a Bad Year

I started my project of reading and re-reading books by J. M. Coetzee (see all the recent posts with "J. M. Coetzee" as a label) in anticipation of the publication of his new book, Diary of a Bad Year. Now I have the book, and I have read it. But I intentionally read it without taking any notes—I wanted to just read it for the sheer pleasure of it. Well, since I am one of only two people I know who liked his previous novel, Slow Man (which I cannot reread because my copy is somewhere in a still unpacked box of books, almost one year after we moved), you should take this with a grain of salt: Diary of a Bad Year is a fascinating book. I'll be re-reading it soon, and will post comments on it when I do so. (Before then, I'll be posting a comment on Age of Iron that I have not had time to type up.)

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