Sunday, September 02, 2007


Well, Miles and I played at the wedding of our friends Mark and Tanja this evening, Miles on bongos, me on guitar and vocals. Two great songs for weddings by Sir Paul himself:

1. Things We Said Today
2. With a Little Help from My Friends


Anonymous said...

good-oh ... was this M's first public

if so, then SPECIAL congrats from me to him!

... BUT ... apostrophe alert !!

"our friend's Mark and Tanja"
======== xxx ==============

needs a fix ... unless you have an (unnamed)
friend who owns the couple in question !!

-- dhsh

Rob said...

Glad to see a setlist from you.

I'm doing a poetry gig this Friday so expect one from me sometime over next weekend.

Anonymous said...

...and what a great performance too! Thanks Andrew, Miles and Louisa!!

Andrew Shields said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Mark! (Note that L's name is spelled Luisa ...)