Saturday, August 07, 2021

Sounds captured in Giovanni Pascoli's poems and Geoffrey Brock's translations

The poems by Giovanni Pascoli that Geoffrey Brock translates in "Last Dream" (World Poetry Books, 2019) are full of sounds: the gracefully captured meter and rhyme; the bird calls, bells, and voices the poet attempts to capture. In "Home", Pascoli locates himself through sounds: "Where am I? The bells / tell me, mournfully, / as a dog howls / at the stranger as he / passes, head bowed, through." Later, though, in "In the Fog", such sounds return with not location but disorientation: "And a dog yelped and yelped, as if in fear, / I knew not where nor why. Perhaps he heard / strange footsteps, neither far away or near". (Andrew Shields, #111words, 7 August 2021)


Last Dream

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